Huawei will release EMUI 12 for Honor 8X, 9X, 10, V10 and V20 smartphones

Huawei is releasing EMUI 12 operating system for its eligible Huawei devices. EMUI 12 brings numerous new features as compared to EMUI 11. In the future, Honor device owners will also receive the EMUI 12 software update which will further improve your phone’s software user experience.

Yet, we’ve already configured this software update rollout plan before but today, we’ve got input on more Honor devices that will receive the EMUI 12 software update beginning from June 2022 onwards.

EMUI 12 will also rollout for old Honor phones including Honor 8X, 9X, Honor 10, V10 as well as V20 devices. This information has been confirmed by the customer representative but we’ll have to wait for more information on this matter.


However, it’s a good sign of development, if these phones also get slotted into EMUI 12 world, as they already run EMUI 10.0. Therefore, these phones will surely get a new user experience, which wasn’t available before.

EMUI 12:

EMUI 12 comes with a new user interface inspired by HarmonyOS operating system. The latest software update has a new Control Panel consisting of different services as well as the Notification Panel. This new EMUI version also brings you refreshed animations.

Aside from these, the Honor 20 series, the Honor 30 series, as well as the Honor V30 series, will also get EMUI 12 on board.

Yet, the rollout procedure may take some time. Therefore, you can continuously check your devices for possible approval of the OTA procedure.

Via – HuaweiCentral

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