Huawei Mate X series receiving November 2021 security update

Huawei Mate X2

Huawei Mate X series is receiving a new HarmonyOS version update that incorporates the November 2021 security patch in the folding phones. The Huawei Mate X2 and Mate Xs foldable are updating this latest software version.

Unfortunately, the information hasn’t suggested the exact installation packages size, but this update hasn’t brought anything much except the security release note. The security patches will enhance the external threat-protection system in the device.

After installing this firmware, Huawei folding screen users will experience an improved performance of the device. Now, let’s check the devices that will receive this update.

Models Receiving the Update:

  • AH-AN00m Huawei Mate Xs
  • TET-AL00 Huawei Mate X2 4G
  • TET-AN00 Huawei Mate X2

Update Version and Changelog:

The November 2021 security patch comes with the HarmonyOS version update that shifts the Huawei Mate X2 users from On the other hand, Huawei Mate Xs users have been upgrading from the version to

Furthermore, the Chinese variants of the Mate X2 and Mate Xs are getting this latest monthly security release note at present. Besides as mentioned above, users won’t be getting new features in this update. Check the changelog below.

Huawei Mate X November 2021 update

How to Check for the Update:

To download this update manually, go to Settings then System & updates, then open Software update, from here select Check for updates. If an update is available it’ll pop up on your phone and an option of Download and install will appear. Press the option and start to download.

Besides, you can also request software updates through the My Huawei App. To do this, open the Support app, go to the Service tab on the bottom bar, tap on the update, then select Check for updates and then download and install. However, you need to keep in mind that-

  • The November 2021 update for the Huawei Mate X series is planned to carry out within a period of one to two weeks, you can wait if have received it yet
  • Make sure an adequate amount of battery and storage in the device, before proceeding with the update
  • The installation packages may vary corresponding to the different regions
  • Must remember to keep a backup of your data to prevent the loss of important files on
  • The system will restart after the update is completed, wait until then