Mini World becomes first game to support Huawei’s HarmonyOS

Mini world HarmonyOS

According to the latest info, Mini World becomes the first game to support Huawei’s HarmonyOS game services. This game will now be fully compatible with the HarmonyOS powered devices.

Recently we have also covered for the WPS Office, which too got support on the HarmonyOS. It is an office suite for Microsoft Windows which currently has limited support on the HarmonyOS powered devices and will get more added soon.

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After getting the HarmonyOS support, the block game now has the HM OS logo on the icon at the bottom right. This game is now available to download from the Huawei App Gallery.

About Mini World – HarmonyOS

The Mini World is mainly a children-oriented game rated 7+ on Huawei’s AppGallery. It is available for free and allows you to create your dream world using blocks. Everyone can have access to every game feature and enjoy it freely.

This game rather than being tricky is easier to play and has maybe a stress reliever. It has different modes to create your dream world based on your creativity.

  • Survival mode – In this mode, you can collect resources, build tools, and shelters to survive. You can even have a chance to challenge epic monsters in the dungeons with friends or alone, making it more exciting.
  • Creation mode – The creation model, on the other hand, begins from the scratch and you will be given resources from the very beginning. The mighty gamers can do a lot by removing and adding blocks. You can even make a floating castle and much more.

This game seems more productive and relaxing if you haven’t had a great day working. You can download the Mini World game from the Huawei AppGallery which just costs around 308.11MB of data.

HarmonyOS 2.0 

Huawei launched HarmonyOS 2.0 on June 02 and started the beta activity just after its announcements. The company further aims to upgrade over 360 million devices to this latest OS.

In addition to the hardware devices, the Chinese OEM is also getting support for applications and software to run flawlessly on this latest operating system.

Just like the Mini World HarmonyOS support, there will be more applications joining this new software in the future.


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