New HarmonyOS 2 update will bring more features, major UI and animation changes next month

The latest news on the HarmonyOS 2.0 suggests that Huawei will add more new features and UI changes to the new HM OS next month. There are several improvements and added functionalities coming to this new operating system in July.

Though the HarmonyOS 2 already comes with loads of features and functionalities to make user’s life easy and multitasking. The upcoming upgrade will make it more futuristic and interesting. However, the HarmonyOS already has a Super Device capability that allows users to control several devices using one supermodel.

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Currently, we do not have any in-depth info about the upcoming features but we do have some details of the field that will receive these new changes. The upcoming software upgrade will install new dynamic interface effects and a new UX design. In addition, there will also be some new distributed features, such as:

  • Distributed camera
  • Distributed document management
  • Distributed Tasks
  • Distributed Sharing

The aforementioned features are just a glimpse and there are more that will join. There is a lot more to come in the HarmonyOS and this is just the beginning.

Huawei will also release its new P-series flagships in the coming days and probably all these upcoming features will come pre-packed in those flagship devices. The actual launch date of the P50 phones is not yet known but based on the previous leaks, it’s believed to be 29 July. These new smartphones will already come with a pre-installed HarmonyOS operating system.

The beta testing of the new version is being carried out at full pace and event the company has released the first stable version of the new operating system. Looking at the speed, it seems that Huawei will cover most of the devices to HarmonyOS at the end of the year.