iOS 15.4 public update bring 40+ new features for iPhone and iPad users

Apple iOS 15.4 issue

Apple has finally introduced the public update of the newest iOS 15.4 as well as iPadOS 15.4 programs. This public recovery comes up with more than 40 new changes and implements for the device. These features consist of various UI-enhancing elements and system applications.

Without wasting any further moment, let’s take a look over these features:

iOS 15.4/iPadOS 15.4New Features


A feature that enables you to control all your Apple devices including Mac/iPads through one medium. Although, for using this feature, the user has to ensure that their device is running on the latest OS version. Further, the devices must have a connection through Wi-Fi/BlueTooth.


Now iPad users running on the newest iPadOS 15.4 can access the volume control option. Earlier, the device could only turn on the “Fixed Position Volume Buttons”. But with the new update, the users can enable the “Dynamic Volume Control” feature that will adjust the volume buttons to the inclination of the device accordingly.

The users can enable the feature with the following steps:

  • Open Settings menu
  • Select the Sound option
  • Turn off the “Fixed Position Volume Controls”.

The iPad users dependent upon Magic Keyboard can now play with the brightness of the board. The update brings Keyboard brightness features that let the user set the brightness of their device keyboard. For doing so, they need to remain in a low-light surrounding. They can find the feature in the Control Center on the screen.


With the reason for a new update, the users can adjust the corner gestures from the Note Application directly. The gestures are applicable for penning a new note or taking screen snaps. Moreover, as per our official social platform of Apple, the application allows the user to scan a printed/handwritten work into the app.


Now there are more options to explore for the change in the voice of AI Assistant. One has to follow the given instructions to change the voice module:

  • Open Settings menu
  • Select Siri & Search option
  • Click on the “Siri Voice” tab.

The AI voice assistant feature that enables the user to find the details about animals, flowers as well as things is accessible in several regions. Such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and more.

AIRPLAY ICONS LAYOUT: Now Roku device users can find a new icon of AirPlay in their Control Center while using the respective application.

AIRPODS CONTROLS: The AirPod panel will now showcase an AirPod Pro glyph rather than the old headphone pairs. Further, users will be able to see various UI segments in the AirPod connectivity pop-up screen.

TOP STORIES FEATURE IN STOCK APP: With the new update, the users can find a new section of “Top Stories” in the Stock application. Moreover, it consists of a better layout as well as a space where users can store their favorite content.

CHANGE IN SYSTEM ICONS: Now there is a lot to explore in shortcut applications with new system icons for URL encode, X-Callback URL, and more.

ADJUSTMENT FOR APP STORE: The users can adjust the new features and notifications accordingly in the new notification panel of the App Store. This new panel appears with the latest update for specifying the priority of users.

APPLE MUSIC:  Now the users can find a shortcut for the SharePlay application in Apple’s Music App. For enabling it, the users have to press a little long on any song or album. Furthermore, the application “Quick Action” feature displays the recent activities of the app. Besides, it exhibits the playlist at the top of the screen.

Other Features:

  • New Find my “ME” option
  • Separate tracking as well as find my alerts
  • Improvement in Find my alerts
  • Optimization for Apple Wallet and Pay
  • Dual SIM messages layout
  • Safari status bar and extensions
  • WebXR experimental tool
  • Optimizes iCloud Keychain
  • Tighter SharePlay integration
  • TV App display poster
  • New iCloud settings for Mail
  • Magnifier

The rest of the things of the public update are similar to the beta version of iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 systems. You can read about those features over here.

Via – 9to5Mac

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