Apple: Around 80% of all the active iPhones are now running on iOS 14

by Ashish

Apple released the latest iOS 14 update for its iPhones back in September last year for its eligible iPhones. While the company sends the updates for all of its iPhones at the same time and now we have received the latest data about the adoption of the iOS 14 update among the iPhone users.

Last week apple provided statistical data about iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. While revealing the stats the company indicated that iOS is installed on 80% of all the active iPhones and on 86% of Apple phones introduced in the last four years.

The data was collected from the official App Store on February 24, 2021. If we compare the data which is given above to the previous data which was collected on December 15, 2020. It states that iOS 14 was installed in 72% of all active iPhones out of 81% of Apple phones launched last year.

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The company compared both the data and concluded that 12% of all active phones are still running on iOS 13 and 2%  is still running on the older version. There are 14% of active iPad till now running on iOS 13, while 16% using an old version of the software.

iOS 14 comes with a bunch new changes over the previous version. It brings many changes in the UI and also introduces several new features for the iPhone users such as the customizable widgets, optimizations, and improvements. Further, it also brings support for the third party apps to set as default apps which was not possible before.


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