Apple’s new watchOS 8 announced with new health features, Ultra-wideband technology and much more

Apple’s WWDC 2021 event took place on Monday in the US. At the gathering, the company announced a new operating system for its smart wearables, the watchOS 8. The new OS version arrives with some innovative features ahead of its predecessor.

Meanwhile, the Developer version of the watchOS 8 is now available to members of Apple’s Developer team, while the public beta version will be released this fall.

New health features of watchOS 8 

With the latest watchOS, Apple seeks to scale up the support from its smart wearable devices as health and fitness gadgets. The Mindfulness app is designed to remind the user of several activities that will help to enhance health and fitness generally. Some of these activities including relaxation breathing, thinking positive thoughts, and others.

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The Apple watchOS 8 will generate data on various perspectives on the user’s health and fitness. Sleep patterns could be easily mapped. A few additional modes have also been included in the Fitness app. Specifically, Tai Chi and Pilates exercise modes have been added.

Ultra-wideband technology

The watchOS 8 now also comes with support for Ultra-Wideband connectivity in which your Apple Watch can activate a smart device using its buttons using the redesigned Home app. Apart from this, it is also possible to broadcast messages within the home ecosystem of smart wearables.

Besides, the latest watchOS will be the driving force behind Apple’s upcoming smart wearables ecosystem, and this latest version features an improved Photos app, with a new grid view of your photos. In addition, users can share photos via the iMessage app, add text to photos through Scribble and Dictation.

Lastly, smart wearable devices have taken a whole new direction in the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year. A particular study showed that an Apple smart wearable device could identify the possibility of being infected several days before physical symptoms.