March 2022 HarmonyOS update rolling out for Huawei P30 devices

Huawei rolling out March 2022 update for P30 and P30 Pro models in China that runs HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system. The latest software update has important improvements as well as features additions for the consumers. Therefore, it’s recommended for the consumer to install this software as soon as it arrives on your Huawei P30 model.


This new Huawei P30 series update for these models adds support for connecting with certain Huawei watches and bands and the Huawei MateView in Super Device as well as adding Senior mode settings screen in accessibility features. There’s more, the company is instilling March 2022 security update with this firmware version to safe-keep your smartphone’s security.

Adaptive models:

  • P30 – ELE-AL00
  • P30 – ELE-TL00
  • P30 Pro – VOG-AL00/VOG-AL10
  • P30 Pro – VOG-TL00

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro users in the global markets are currently installing EMUI 12 software update that brings the consumers close to the HarmonyOS operating system including a brand new user interface as well as animation effects. Furthermore, there is the addition of two HarmonyOS essential features such as the Control Panel and Notification Panel that brings accessibility in hand.

Huawei P30 March 2022 HarmonyOS update


  • Super Device: Added support for connecting with some Huawei watches, bands, and MateView, which can easily support the new multi-screen collaboration capabilities.
  • Games: Optimizes the user experience with Mistouch prevention in gaming situations.
  • Security: Integrates security patches released in March 2022 for improved system security.
  • Settings: Adds the Senior mode settings screen for easier management of settings that seniors may find useful, including larger font size and a longer touch response time.

How to update:

  • Open Settings
  • Click System & updates
  • Tap on Software updates a
  • Press download and install

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