These three new MIUI 14 features will make Xiaomi devices more appealing

Xiaomi Miui 14 top features

Recently Xiaomi reveals three important and highlighted features of the MIUI 14 software update. All these three new features will be the based line to make it lighter compared to the previous iteration. Here you can check the detail about them to create more excitement for the upcoming  MIUI 14.

But before going ahead with the title, we should know that the comparatively newer MIUI 14 version is lighter than the older one. Additionally, MIUI 14 is roughly 23% lighter than MIUI 13 in terms of firmware weight.

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The new UI includes the option to remove undesired default data that was not before possible to remove from Xiaomi devices. In MIUI 14, the problem that the pre-installed App cannot be uninstalled has been fixed.

Xiaomi Miui 14 top features

Well, if you are a Xiaomi user and waiting for the upcoming MIUI 14 update then, your wait is about end soon. The company will release the MIUI 14 version alongside, the Xiaomi 13 series.

Below you can check the all there Xiaomi MIUI 14 new features in details 

Bloated System firmware:

In the past 12 years, MIUI has been upgraded with the Android and the firmware has continued to grow. This time to re-examine, breaking the law of natural acide swelling of the system, the system firmware id is 23% better than the previous generation.

Invalid Memory usage:

System memory usage is another feature offered by the Xiaomi MIUI 14 through the Razor project.  Check the unnecessary self-starting processes one by one, and strictly control the memory usage of system applications and services. And released the boot memory as much as possible to use it properly.

Unstallable default apps:

Start with non-uninstallable applications. This time Xiaomi gives you the right to choose the system function. The number of applications that can be uninstalled is reduced to the minimum and the rest can be removed.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 New features


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