Xiaomi Android 12 has some bugs, Google and app developers have to work

Android 12

Google Android 12 has been officially released on October 04, 2021. Subsequently, Xiaomi officially announced that Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11, Redmi K40 Pro, and Redmi K40 Pro+ will be the first batch to support Android 12, and internal testing is now open.


In this behalf, Xiaomi’s public relations department general manager Wang Hua reminded via social media that Android 12 has just been optimized, there are not only less optimized applications, but also a lot of bugs.


After all, Google and app developers still have a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, Wang Hua also suggested that users who want to try new “should have a backup machine, do a good job of backing up data, and be ready for online flashing tools.”

Android 12 bugs

Google has stated that during the Android 12 beta, more than 225,000 people tested, approximately 50,000 copies and feedback problem reports to help improve the quality of the final version.

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