Xiaomi MIUI 14: Big folders and tabular icons

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Big folders tabular icons

MIUI 14 is currently the latest custom skin of Xioami, which incorporates various prominent aspects like privacy and optimizations. While the best part about Xiaomi MIUI 14 is, it also believes in enriching the user interface and for that, it offered new tabular icons and big folders.

These big folders and tabular icons are the amazing elements of Xiaomi MIUI 14 software, that allow users to organize apps and icons on Xiaomi devices more effectively. It further, gives your device a more elegant look, along with the flexible and intuitive design of MIUI 14.

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With MIUI 14, the Chinese tech giant has also tried to give your home screen a reimagined look in collusion with more sets of wallpapers and more widgets. It means the wallpapers, tabular icons, big folders, and a reimagined design will altogether make your Xiaomi device more lavishing.

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These big screen folders and tabular icons will give your screen a more shuttle and clean look compared to the previous version. It will be most beneficial for users, who want a simple look on their device. Additionally, this will also make the user interface uncluttered and more efficient.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Big folders tabular icons

Big Folders

The big folders feature of MIUI 14 is a type of organizer that allows you to tap and launch an app with just a tap on that folder. A folder includes various apps, and when you need to operate one, you will not need to open it separately. Instead, you can only tap on that, and you are ready to go with the process.

The credit for this easy and effective process goes to the big folders because it offers you sufficient space, which could let you perform the task on a particular application smoothly.

Tabular Icons

The tabular icons are just a modified version of icons, it lets you get the key information of any app in an easier way. These tabular icons will make your task easily manageable. However, these tabular icons currently only support selected applications, and the company could expand its availability to more apps in the future.

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