Xiaomi MIUI 14: Everything we know so far


Xiaomi MIUI 14 launch is near, and so far lots of leaks, rumored, and some sure information related to its feature appeared that definitely wave your mind to know more about the upcoming MIUI 14. Here you can check all the features that reveal in recent days are mentioned.

Well, the Xiaomi MIUI 14 will definitely be packed with simplified and lighter than its predecessors. But, will Xiaomi users be satisfied with the upcoming feature? Can only its simplicity and lightweight nature make it convenient for users.

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However, all your queries will be cured after its official rollout for your smartphone, as each software performs differently in different smartphones. But as per the leaks and features spotted so far, the upcoming MIUI 14 will be the most anticipated software for your Xiaomi phones.


Xiaomi MIUI 14 Rozar Project:

The Xiaomi MIUI 14 Rozar Projet -“The least memory consumption, the least non-uninstallable software, and the smallest firmware” are the three objectives of this project. a system that is immaculately clean.

  • Bloated system firmware
  • Invalid memory usage
  • Uninstallable default apps

Below you can check the other feature that can make up your Xiaomi phone with MIUI 14

  • MIUI 14 new security guard and home screen launcher
  • MIUI 14 Simplified and Lightweight
  • Neat and simple
  • MIUI 14 is Better optimized and smooth
  • MIUI 14 Easy mode
  • MIUI 14 new colorful logo

No doubt, the Xiaomi MIUI 14 will be the best and featured among the previous versions. So Xiaomi users are you ready to grab the upcoming MIUI 14 software on your phone? The company schedules its launch along with the Xiaomi 13 series tomorrow, meantime it will launch in the Chinese market and gradually expand in other smartphone markets.