Xiaomi MIUI 15 could bring new eye saving screen feature

Xiaomi MIUI 15 eye saving screen

Technologies are inflating day by day and conveying better displays than prior. But then too the excessive use of smart devices can affect your eyes badly. Taking the matter into consideration, Google is working on a new eye-saving screen feature, which we are expecting, to arrive with Xiaomi MIUI 15 as well.

MIUI 15 is going to be the next custom skin of Xiaomi which will be uprooted with the Android 14 operating system. And the upcoming software will present various prominent elements to make the life of Xiaomi users more appropriate. However, this eye-saving screen feature could be one of the best features of Xiaomi MIUI 15.

Eye-saving screen feature 

As per the input, Google is working on a brightness sensor to determine the screen’s initial brightness. This new element could be the part of Android 14 features list, and its aim could be the safety of your eyesight. This small tweak in the auto brightness behavior will ensure that your phone’s display brightness does not blind you.

Now, you must be wondering what’s new in this, the same work is performed by the auto-brightness feature, so there stays a major difference between both. Auto brightness adjusts the light of your phone’s screen when it is turned on, but as soon as you move to a dark place from light and turn your device screen on it shows you a radiant screen which irritates your eyes right?

Therefore, once this eye-saving screen feature is added to your device, it will auto-adjust the brightness even when the screen of your smartphone is off. Take for example- If you are using your phone in a light room with excessive brightness then you turn ot off and move to a dark room and turn the screen on, then you will see that the screen doesn’t start as too bright.

Xiaomi MIUI 15 eye saving screen

  • Use a brightness sensor to determine the screen’s initial brightness”
  • Test: Use the device in a bright room, turn the screen off, go to a dark room, turn the screen on, see that the screen doesn’t start as too bright.

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This is going to be the best component and we can expect that, as always Xiaomi will also think about the betterment of its consumers and bring this feature with the upcoming software. Being a Xiaomi device user, what’s your opinion about this, do you want this feature with the next upgrade or not? Let us know in the comment down below.

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