Motorola G52 Android 13

Motorola is releasing Android 13 for Moto G52 devices

Android 13 is the lifeline of Motorola devices which is now all set to make its way to the Moto G52. According to some new inputs, the company has started releasing the major upgrade for the respective devices, but with a particular catch in the process.

So far, the company has offered the prominent Android upgrade to many devices, especially the Edge series. However, only a few handsets from the G lineup have obtained a slot in the major iteration wagon. Finally, it seems like the Motorola G52 is ready to get into a new phase.

As per the shared details by a Moto fan, the company has started rolling out the Android 13 update for Motorola G52 devices. The process has recently come into existence and is only available in selected countries for a few consumers.

However, some senior spokesperson from the firm has confirmed that the G52 model is in the Android 13 list and the company will soon release the upgrade on a broader spectrum. Although the corresponding device owners have to wait patiently.

In addition, the company has also replied to a few users on the community forum that they are working on this matter. Here is what an official Moto moderator responded to a phone holder:

“Thank you for posting. Our team has started to roll it out to some of our devices. It is currently being worked on to be rolled out as soon as possible. You will receive a notification as soon as the update is available.”

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Thus, in the upcoming days, we will have new updates and amazing features in our Moto devices. Till then, keep checking the system settings to know about the availability of the new version.

Motorola G52 Android 13

Motorola is releasing Android 13 for Moto G52 devices

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