New HarmonyOS update brings Running Ability Index feature for Huawei Watch GT 3

Huawei Watch GT 3 is receiving a new HarmonyOS update, making the wearable more delightful and significant than earlier. The latest update contains many optimizations, some improvements and a new addition for your smartwatch.


As per the information of HuaweiCentral, the new update for Huawei Watch GT 3 arrives with the HarmonyOS2.1.0.405 version. The owners of this wearable are required to install a package size of around 57.72MB.

HarmonyOS2.1.0.405 update adds a new Running Ability Index support feature for your Huawei Watch GT 3. This feature was earlier rolled out for the Pro variant of the same wearable. Notably, the update is rolling out in the Chinese market.

Running Ability Index is an estimator for your maximal oxygen uptake in the indoor running process, it helps you to improve your maximal aerobic running. With the scoreboard, you can see how efficient your running training is going and how you can improve it.

Additionally, the new update also brings optimization in the alarm section of your Huawei Watch GT 3, now you will get more accurate and advanced alarm functionalities, which will stop you from being late as well as accumulate the overall experience.

Other than this, this new firmware will give your Huawei Watch GT 3 a more advanced and improved performance than before. Beside these, the changelog doesn’t mention any other specialty, you can check the complete changelog below.


New version

  • HarmonyOS (c00M10)