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Android 12L’s Taskbar feature gets disabled while using third-party launcher on Samsung

Android 12L Taskbar third party launcher

Noting the inconvenience of customers using foldables and tablets, Google built Android 12L OS that brings some large-screen customized features. The best part of Android 12L is the Taskbar feature, which is now reported to get disabled when using a third-party launcher on Samsung devices.

You might be aware of the Taskbar feature, in case you are not – the feature allows you to manage your favorite apps, work, switch between them, open split screen, and more with ease. You can also adjust which app you want to see always on the Taskbar.


Moving ahead, taking Android 12L as a base, Samsung has developed One UI 4.1.1 software update for its foldable smartphones and tablets. The latest version was introduced alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphones last month and has gradually expanded to Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Tab S8, and Galaxy Tab S7 devices.

All these devices support the Android 12L Taskbar feature but a side effect of using this function on Galaxy is that when switching to any third-party system launcher such as Nova Launcher or Niagara Launcher, it automatically gets deactivated, says a report via 9To5Google.

Android 12L Taskbar third party launcher

What’s worth noticing is that the feature is giving its proper functionality on Google Pixel smartphones running Android 12L or Android 13 OS even when switching to a third-party launcher. The only difference on the third-party launcher is that the Taskbar’s icons don’t sync with those on the launcher’s dock.

Moreover, Samsung might disable the Android 12L’s Taskbar feature on third-party launchers but you can still enable and use it by playing with a couple of settings. To do this, you first need to visit Settings followed by Display >> Navigation bar and scroll down to the “Looking for something else?” From here, you can force enable the Taskbar (tested on Niagara Launcher).

Do note that while using Niagara Launcher on the unfolded form of Galaxy Z Fold 4, you’ll notice the taskbar still shows on the multitasking menu, and often breaks, showing no apps at all. Also, it randomly crashes, which Samsung might fix in the upcoming software updates.

Android 12L Taskbar third party launcher

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