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One UI 2.1 Feature: Samsung’s new Single Take mode is the kind of camera feature we really like

Samsung’s new Single Take mode is the kind of camera feature we really like because it’s useful, requires very little effort to use.

Single Take lets you record up to ten seconds of ultra-wide/wide-angle footage, and uses advanced AI to recommend a variety of formats so you can pick your favorite takes. The function utilizes each of the smartphone’s cameras at once to capture up to ten high-quality photos and four video clips and even suggests edits and video effects like cropping, Live Focus and time-lapse to help you choose the perfect shot.

If you’re using One UI 2.1 on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, make sure you give Single Take mode a try. The more creative you get with it, the more you will understand how to get the best from it. It’s one of the easiest camera features we’ve seen, that will capture everything you want to with just a tap.

How to use the Single Take camera mode

With Single Take, you need to shoot it once, get it multiple ways enabled by AI. With the device running One UI 2.1, you can get up to 14 different kinds of photos and videos using Single Take. It can take video, shoots stills, and even makes little GIF-style video clips, all from a single tap of a button.

Single Take works with both the rear camera and the front camera, and the method of shooting is exactly the same. To see what Single Take has created, just tap on the preview image next to the shutter button, or head to the Gallery app.

Samsung introduced the Single Take camera mode on the new Galaxy S20 phones, Samsung has since brought that feature to the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10, and few more.

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