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One UI 4.1: How to use Emoji pairs on Samsung Galaxy S22?

One UI 5.0 emoji changes

Has anyone ever heard about Sending messages without emojis, stickers, or gifs? Emoji and other fun images have become a staple in texting and with the One UI 4 update on your Samsung Galaxy S22, there are more options than ever before when you need to express your feelings!


Now you can add some extra cute emojis at the end of the message, send a lively gif to your group chat, or customize your own stickers and avatars so you always get the best responses.

However, the keyboard shortcuts described in this article are related to the Samsung keyboard. They may not apply to third-party keyboards.

How to use One UI 4.1-based emoji pairs on your Samsung Galaxy 22?

  • Open any of your messaging apps to open the Samsung Keyboard and start typing.
  • Swipe left on the top bar of the keyboard.
  • Tap on the emoji pair icon.
  • Select the two emojis you like and click on Next.
  • Choose the animation style you like.
  • Press Send.

One UI 4.1 Emoji

If you have a Samsung Keyboard with the One UI 4.1 update and the latest software version, emoji and sticker options are available below.

Home: This tab displays a summary of the most recent emoji or stickers you have sent. It also recommends instructions on how to use or download emoji.

Emoji: Get access to all the emojis available on Android! To filter through all the emojis, tap on different categories like smileys, animals, etc. at the top of the menu.

GIF: View and download gifs directly from Giphy and Tenor. You can manually search for gifs or click on different categories to see popular recommendations like “Happy” or “OMG”.

AR Emoji: Create your own emoji that looks just like you! You can customize its look and feel, and then use emoji to create your own stickers and gifs. After creating your AR emoji, you can select the sticker along with it from the keyboard itself.

Bitmoji: Connect your Bitmoji account to your Samsung keyboard for quick access to your custom-made avatar and all of its stickers or reactions.

Emoji Pairs: The newest feature that allows you to create GIFs using classic emoji expressions. Choose from several animation styles so that you can go crazy and create something absurd!

How to add or remove emoji keyboard shortcuts on your Galaxy S22?

Have you always relied on stickers and gifs from one keyboard shortcut, but never used another? Or, the sticker set may not really be your style. No worries, you can add or remove your emoji keyboard shortcuts as you like.

  • Open Samsung Messages, and then open the text dialog.
  • Next, tap the Emoji icon (smiley face next to the text field or on the keyboard.
  • Swipe left until you reach the Settings icon, and then tap it.
  • Tap the switch next to the shortcut you want to add or remove.
  • Press Back – now only the shortcuts you have enabled will appear on the Samsung keyboard.

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