OxygenOS 13 lacks One UI 5.0 Panic mode in Safety and emergency

Safety and emergency is a key feature that is available in the settings section of every smartphone it helps you to make calls easily in an emergency situation even without entering the contact number or the password. This feature delivers different user interfaces for every OS.


The Safety and emergency feature includes several options like Emergency Sharing, Emergency Contact, Medical info, Wireless emergency alerts and more. But there is one important One UI 5.0 feature called Panic mode which is not available in the OxygenOS 13 safety and emergency.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Safety and emergency feature offers an option called Panic mode which helps you to call the emergency number just by quickly pressing the power button three times. Notably, the OxygenOS 13 lacks this helpful feature in the safety and emergency section.

Making a quick call in an inappropriate situation is a big task and it feels very difficult to follow the long process of first unlocking the device then select the number and after that making a call. But the tech manufacturers have made human life easier and better with their offerings.

OxygenOS 13 safety and emergency feature have a sum of appropriate functionalities which can help a user in a troubling situation. Further, we can expect that company will bring something more appropriate like panic mode for the OxygenOS devices in the future.