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Samsung One UI 3.1 Feature: Eye Comfort Shield, an upgraded version of blue light filter

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On January 14, Samsung has officially unveiled the new Galaxy S21 flagship devices. Along with this, the company has also introduced the new One UI 3.1 which is also based on Android 11. The Galaxy S21 trio comes pre-packed with the One UI 3.1 with some new and improved features over the One UI 3.0.

One of the new features of One UI 3.1 is “Eye Comfort Shield” which is an upgraded version of the currently available ‘blue light filter option’. As we know, enabling the Blue light filter option decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screen of the device.

Filtering out the Blue light provides a better sleep to the users. It also reduces digital eye strain, so your eyes won’t feel so tired by the end of the day. Moving forward, Samsung is bringing its upgraded version – Eye Comfort Shield with the Galaxy S21 series devices, running One UI 3.1.

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The new Eye Comfort Shield automatically adjusts the blue light based on the time of day, content you’re viewing, and your bedtime to help reduce eye fatigue. This feature is ‘off’ by default, and must be turned on in Settings.

According to Samsung, the world’s leading certification company – SGS awarded the Galaxy S21 models’ display the Eye Care Certification based on its ability to drastically reduce the harmful effects of blue light.

In addition to the Galaxy S21 flagships, we can expect that the company will also provide the new Eye Comfort Shield feature to other eligible devices that have the needed hardware capabilities.

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