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Samsung One UI 5.0 Stack widgets (Android 13)

One UI 5.0 Stack widgets 

With Android 12-based One UI 4.1, Samsung added a new feature inside the home screen Widgets section i.e. – Smart Widgets. This feature was used to let you use multiple widgets without wasting real estate on the home screen. Now with the arrival of Android 13-based One UI 5.0 Beta, the Stack Widgets feature meets significant improvements.

Widgets are small apps that allow customers to access certain functions of a specific app to provide convenient and direct access to information on your home screen. Samsung understands the worth of this feature therefore, it’s continuously improving it with the latest advancements.


Previously, you selected the Smart Widget Stack and then selected its size from the widget picker and added it to the home screen. Next, you had to long press Smart Widgets and select the widgets you want to stack together. The whole process was bulky and unnecessarily complicated.

Samsung is making things easier with One UI 5.0 by removing the Smart Widgets concept. The company has added the ability to stack widgets on your home screen in the default launcher.

One UI 5.0 Stack widgets 

Instead of going through the widget menu to add a smart widget, you can simply drag and drop a widget of the same size onto another widget, and it will turn into a stacked widget.

In addition to this, One UI 5.0 also allows you to easily edit this stack by pressing and holding it to add/remove widgets. Below you can check out some tips on how to use the new Stack Widgets feature on your Galaxy smartphone running One UI 5.0 Beta.

One UI 5.0 Stack widgets 

How to use One UI 5.0 Stack Widgets:

You only need to hold down on the widget and tap the “Add widget” option. Here, you can select from any normal widgets on your phone to add to it.

You can now swipe between them and your phone will attempt to intelligently decide which to show you at any given time to provide relevant information. If you’d rather them just remain static, you can disable that autorotation.

One UI 5.0 Stack widgets 

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