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Things you need to know before joining One UI 3.0 beta program

by RPRNA Group

Samsung has already started the Android 11-based One UI 3.0 beta program for the Galaxy S20 series in the US and Korea last month. The company may soon start the One UI 3.0 beta program for more flagship smartphones.

According to the latest information, Samsung Korean Community posted all the precautions and questions with their answers which are most important before participating in the One UI 3.0 public beta program. If you also planning to join the beta program, so check the things below carefully.

Everything about One UI 3.0

Yesterday we reported that the company is looking to start the public beta program for the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 series. In addition, the company may also release the One UI 3.0 beta for the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series, because it is “close to ready”.

Precautions before participating One UI 3.0 beta:

  • Please be sure to back up important data. (photos, contacts, and important files)
  • GoodLock app and it’s ‘family’ unit apps cannot be used. (GoodLock is changed to Unplugin)
  • There may be problems with the compatibility of finance and some security apps (banking, security services, authentication-related services, etc.)

– For employees, EMM / MDM security programs may not be supported due to app compatibility issues.

  • For apps that do not support One UI 3 (Android 11), the layout may be cut off or the app may be forcibly terminated. If you have an incompatible app, please request an Android 11 update response through the app manufacturer’s official email.

One UI 3.0 Beta Q/A:

Q. Is there a limit on the number of recruits for One UI Beta?

A. There is a limit on the number of recruits for One UI Beta. It is divided into mobile operator/self-sufficient personnel, and when the number of recruits is closed, you can no longer join.

Q. What should I do if an error occurs while using beta?

A. As soon as the indication occurs (within 2-3 minutes), please report an error on the Samsung Members app.

* Members’ Beta Mode> Beta Send Error> Inquiry/Send Error> Send Error

(Send system log data must be selected, and please fill in details such as the reproduction path when reporting errors so that you can quickly check the contents of the error. Please do not clean up the process so that the log transmission work is sufficiently completed after sending the error.)

Q. I want to roll back to normal in beta.

A. *Android R -> Android Q

You can go back to the old version from the rollback beta.

However, please check the following information before proceeding:

* Notes before rollback: If you rollback, the device is downgraded and initialized.

[How to rollback]

-Open the Samsung Members beta app then select Settings on the top right,

-Select One UI beta program,

-Choose to unsubscribe,

-Download Smart Switch Beta on your PC. [Refer to Beta Notice]

-Create a backup of your device,

-After completing the backup, connect the device and proceed to downgrade (firmware update),

Restore backed up contents after the downgrade,

If you follow the above method, you can go down to the previous version.

Q. App does not run / App is not compatible

A. In case of incompatibility with the app, please contact the manufacturer of the app because the app is not supported due to OS update.

Q. GoodLock cannot be used.

A. Goodlock is unplugged so that it cannot be used during the beta period.

Please wait for a new Good Lock.

Q. Is it reset when the official version comes out while participating in the beta?

A. If the official version is released while participating in the beta, you can update the official version to the official version through OTA. It is possible to update to the full version without initialization and data deletion.

Note: If you also planning to join the beta program, so remember all the precautions and above things carefully.

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Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy S20 series will be the first device to receive the stable Android 11-based One UI 3.0 update. It will be followed by the Galaxy Note 20 series, then to the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series.

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