Will Samsung bring iOS 16-like Lock Screen for One UI users?

Samsung iOS 16 Lock Screen

Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest rivals in the industry. While Samsung One UI is based on Android, Apple has its own operating system – iOS. Both OS have their own goodness and features however, there are always some features that are inspired by each other.

Recently, Apple unveiled iOS 16 with lots of new features and some customization options. While there are still some components inspired by Samsung, iOS 16 Lock Screen is what One UI and other Android users would love to have on their phones.


Apple iOS 16 lock screen:

The iOS 16 lock screen is heavily customizable by using widgets and Google Material You-like theming system. You can now create different lock screens, each with its own background and style, and easily switch between them.

In addition to this, your lock screen gallery has many options for inspiration on how to create your own personalized lock screen, the ability to switch between lock screens throughout the day by swiping it, and much more.

Samsung iOS 16 Lock Screen

Meanwhile, what’s most interesting is the way iOS 16 sets wallpaper or your picture on the lock screen. Apple iOS 16 impressively optimizes the lockscreen wallpaper with the image’s object and background.

Its digital clock makes sure to not disturb your wallaper’s object. It is capable to be applied on behind the object area but above the wallpaper background, which looks iye catching in real. Have a look at iOS 16 lock screen wallpaper styple below:

Samsung iOS 16 Lock Screen

Will Samsung adopt iOS 16-like Lock Screen?

Samsung never stays behind when it comes to customization but the all-new lock screen creation by Apple for its iOS 16 users is amazing. The Korean company should learn from the US tech giant and bring a similar advancement to the One UI users.

On the other hand, Samsung also released the beta version of the latest One UI custom OS which is One UI 5.0, built on top of Android 13 OS. The company reveals some notable lock screen changes but doesn’t introduce anything like the new iOS 16 lock screen nor it seems to be bringing it with the stable or One UI 5.1. However, nothing is impossible for Samsung, we might see a similar technology for One UI customers in the future.

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