Vivo Developer Conference ‘From 1 to Positive Infinity’ will be organized on December 16

Vivo Logo

Vivo Developer 2021 will be held on December 16, 2021. During the event, the Chinese technology manufacturer will launch a number of new technologies, including and will explain related to the new original OriginOS Ocean System is also expected to be laid out for OriginOS Ocean.

Before the Developer Conference this year, the company will release the new original OriginOS Ocean system on December 9th. We can expect that the OEMs will hold this upcoming conference to further clarify and reveal some of the exclusive features related to the new OriginOS.


The theme of the upcoming conference is’ From one to position infinity’, Shi Yujian will be the main venue for this conference as well as six special locations for live broadcasts online. Vivo’s Vice President will deliver a keynote address “From One to Positive Infinity, Vivo begins with its original intention to create a diverse future with infinite possibilities.


Lu Jinghui, Vice President of Vivo, Dean of Vivo Global AI Research Institute, and Chief Security Officer of Vivo will also share relevant content with the theme “Design-Driven”. Working together to create science and technology so as to enhance and can be obtained together with the joy of mankind.

(Source: ithome)