Vivo OriginOS Device List: Check Official Roadmap – OriginOS Upgrade Plan

[This article was first published on November 21]

On November 18, Vivo unveiled its new mobile software skin, OriginOS. This new operating system is made from scratch and provides a whole new user experience based on the design principle that Vivo has chosen. So, without further ado, let’s start talking about the Vivo OriginOS device list, shall we?


Vivo OriginOS will be first available for the next-generation X series devices. After that, the company will start the first batch, which includes 11 models.

  • The devices in batch 1 will get the OriginOS before January 31, 2021.
  • The second batch includes the likes of X30, NEX 3, iQOO Neo, and more. For batch 2, the update will arrive in Mid-February 2021.
  • And batch 3, start in Q2 2021.

You can check the complete roadmap with the OriginOS device list below.

Vivo OriginOS device list: OriginOS roadmap plan

OriginOS Device List First Batch: January 2021

  1. Vivo NEX 3
  2. Vivo X50 Pro
  3. Vivo-S7
  4. Vivo X50 Pro+
  5. Vivo-X50
  6. iQOO
  7. iQOO Pro
  8. iQOO-3
  9. iQOO 5
  10. iQOO-5 Pro
  11. iQOO Neo 3

You can check the OriginOS beta first batch status here.


OriginOS Device List Second Batch: Mid-February 2021

  1. Vivo NEX 3
  2. Vivo NEX 3 5G
  3. Vivo-X30
  4. Vivo X30 Pro
  5. iQOO Neo
  6. iQOO Neo855 version

OriginOS Device List Third Batch: Q2 2021

  1. Vivo X27 Pro
  2. Vivo X27
  3. Vivo-X27 8GB + 128GB
  4. Vivo S5
  5. Vivo S1
  6. Vivo-Z5x
  7. Vivo Z5
  8. Vivo S6
  9. Vivo-S1 Pro
  10. Vivo Z6
  11. Vivo Z5i
  12. Vivo-NEX
  13. Vivo NEX dual-screen version
  14. Vivo NEX on-screen fingerprint version
  15. Vivo-NEX S
  16. iQOO Z1x
  17. iQOO Z1

Note: This timeline is for Chinese device owners. Vivo may soon announce the timeline for the global users. Stay Tuned.

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