Vivo OriginOS Features: New UI grid system, timeline icon design, gestures, nano alerts, wallpapers and more

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On November 18, Vivo unveiled its new mobile software skin, OriginOS. This new operating system is made from scratch and provides a whole new user experience based on the design principle that Vivo has chosen.

So, without further ado, let’s start talking about the Vivo OriginOS features, shall we?

Klotski Grid System:

OriginOS comes with the new Klotski Grid System, which manages the elements on the phone’s screen and displays them accordingly. You can create a variety of layouts and with different combinations of icons and UI elements.

The Klotski Grid System effects can be seen on the home screen and the quick settings panel as they now have a new look.

Timeline Design Icons:

OriginOS offers the brand new, Timeline Icons, which reflects the behaviors of the app that you’re using. For instance, the Message app will show you the count of unread SMS with an SMS animation.

Similar to this, Each of the apps in the OriginOS has its own animation to show you its functionality in a natural way.

Wallpaper Timeline:

OriginOS brings a wallpaper timeline feature, which changes the light, shadow, and tint of the phone’s wallpaper depending on the time. In addition to this feature, Vivo also introduced a new set of wallpapers with OriginOS.

Nano Alerts:

Nano alerts are one of the most intriguing features of OriginOS, which shows smart notifications in a new and distinctive way. Whether you’re on the Lock screen, home-screen, quick settings panel, or even the always-on display, it pops-up everywhere to inform you.

Nano Music Player:

For music lovers, the new OriginOS brings an intuitive Walkman kind of nano music player to enjoy the sound experience.

Nano Kits Library for Home-screen customization:

To make the home screen customizations easier, OriginOS provides users more and simple ways to organize and add new shortcuts and widgets from the component library by dragging and dropping and placing them into the app area.

Major UI changes in OriginOS reflects mainly on the Quick settings penal.

New Navigation Gestures:

OriginOS is all about Gestures, Gestures, and only Gestures controls and takes the touch screen display experience to a new level with-in just a few clicks and swipes. Furthermore, you can also create your own Gesture controls and combinations for multi-tasking, opening recent tasks and more.

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