Vivo OriginOS Ocean UI will come with refreshed user interface, new features

OriginOS Ocean features

Recently, Vivo officially announced that it will introduce OriginOS Ocean on December 9, 2021. However, the recruitment of the internal beta already opened for Vivo X70, X60, S10, and iQOO 8 series smartphones.


Obviously, the new OriginOS major version will come with a bunch of impressive features. Now, the company has officially started teasing the new feature of the OriginOS major version.

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Vivo has officially shared a teaser poster through its official OriginOS Weibo handle. The poster shows the upgrade highlights and new UI of the OriginOS Ocean. The latest version seems to be completely upgraded on the desktop system as it comes with a new UI design, super card pack, music, and other functions that give refreshing look.

OriginOS Ocean features

Talking about the UI design, the new version quietly changes it as it becomes simpler from the time icon to the call interface but becomes different and more interesting.

In the top right corner of the poster, the new lock screen could be an impressive change for OriginOS Ocean. It can be seen that around fingerprint icons, there are many functions such as photo-taking, payment, and reminder option appears on the lock screen. This means that when the screen is locked, users can directly access the desired application with a single click.

Vivo OriginOS Ocean

If we compared with the previous OriginOS, the home screen UI style of OriginOS Ocean has changed significantly. The main screen no longer emphasizes parallel worlds, indicating that OriginOS Ocean no longer offers the old Android desktop.

Furthermore, OriginOS Ocean includes more content in the smaller window of the Super Card pack. In OriginOS 1.0, Super Card Pack function is convenient as NFC. Whether it’s an off-screen interface or another application interface, swipe inward in the lower right corner of the screen to call it up immediately.

Since the month of December has started and OriginOS Ocean is about to release soon, so stay tuned for more details.