Android 13 based OnePlus OxygenOS 13 could bring these features

OnePlus starts survey to improve User Experience as we wait for OxygenOS 13

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 rooted over the Android 13 system is all set to take off in the global market. In a short time, users would be able to feel the new experience in their OnePlus devices. While there are still some days left for the arrival of the new interface, we are here to show what the upcoming firmware could bring along with it.


It is a well-known fact that the Oneplus OxygenOS 13 skin will build over the Android 13 interface. On the flip side, Google has rolled out the Android 13 beta update for some of its flagship models and gadgets. Therefore, we can have an idea from the below-given list that what features the next OxygenOS version could bring!


  • Notifications Permissions: The time-saver feature helps to disable and enable the granular permissions without searching the options in settings. Thus, you can simply turn on and off the notifications from the screen.
  • Private Photo Picker: Allows sharing of only those photos that you want to with the app instead of the entire collection.
  • Integrated Fast Pair: Now your device will automatically notify you for pairing of your BlueTooth device. Hence no more manual pairing. The device will connect automatically when find a nearby BlueTooth device.

Android 13 based OnePlus OxygenOS 13 could bring these features


  • Auto-theming icons and more theming options: Choose from variety of themes and customize your application icons as per the themes and accordingly.
  • Google Weekly: Everything about Google and its news in one place.
  • “Now Playing” updated widget: The music player will have a new look on the notification panel. Further, the album art will take up the entire widget background with controls moved around a little.
  • Lock-screen clock setup: Swap between 2-3 clock styles on the lock-screen. Moreover, select either a single line layout or a double line layout

New Features & Improvements

  • QR Scanner Support: Addition of quick toggle tab for QR scanner so that you don’t require a separate app for it.
  • Revamped Silent Mode: Silent mode will not make your smartphone vibrate anymore.
  • Changed Audio Output Selector: The design, look and feel of the audio output selector has changed. As a result, users will experience a new audio output.
  • Panlingual per-app launguage setting: Apps-specific languages can be set now accordingly.
  • Redesigned Clipboard presentation: Cut, Copy and Paste changes to a small alert box notifying the visuals that you took action for.

Let’s see what OxygenOS 13 will showcase from these features in the time ahead.


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