OnePlus! It’s time to bring back ‘old fonts’ with OxygenOS 14: Users

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 fonts

Google is speedily increasing the development hacks of Android 14. In the meantime, OnePlus users are sharing what changes and new additions they would like to see in OxygenOS 14, and to our surprise, the list includes ‘old fonts’ as well.

Yes! Some OnePlus fans have recently jammed the community forum with their demand for bringing back the ‘old fonts’ with the OxygenOS 14 upgrade. Often fonts don’t count as a profound or considerable change. Yet, these tiny implements create a vast difference.

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As per the input revealings, a OnePlus user posted a thread saying that he miss the old fonts from earlier OxygenOS iterations. For instance, the OnePlus slate from OxygenOS 10 and OnePlus slate from the OxygenOS 11 was his favorite and he would be glad to see them back on the surface.

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On the other hand, the user also added that this mini addition to the OxygenOS software was one of the criteria that influenced many consumers in the market to choose the OnePlus handsets over other smartphones.

In addition, the users shared a glimpse of the mentioned font styles in the form of images and dragged our attention to how OxygenOS firmware used to be original and classic in its earlier days.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 fonts

Of course, the tech maker presented some new fonts in the name of One Sans and OnePlus Sans with other OxygenOS versions. However, they didn’t grab much affection from users like the OOS 11. This is one of the reasons, why OxygenOS 11 is considered the best and true upgrade so far.

Though the user didn’t make any objection about the latest OxygenOS 13. Yet he said that he would like to see old fonts again.

“OxygenOS did introduce one sans and OnePlus sans but they are not the same and personally I don’t like them. Requesting OnePlus Devs to introduce old fonts again if possible.”

Conforming the statement, several users said that they would like to witness some tweaks from the old versions in the upcoming OxygenOS 14.

What do you think? Would you like to have some ‘old fonts’ back on your OnePlus phone? Or are you happy with the one you are using, in the current scenario? Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 fonts