OnePlus might introduce a ‘disaster alert and response’ feature with OxygenOS 13.1

OnePlus OxygenOS 13.1 disaster alert feature

OnePlus will implement a bunch of interesting tweaks with the next OxygenOS version. And one of the most useful additions that we might find in the OnePlus OxygenOS 13.1 could be the ‘disaster alert and response’ feature.

Accordingly, the OnePlus team is busy with a new assignment nowadays – Survey Time! Yes, the company is taking the opinions of users on what features they would like to see in their OS and smartphone products.

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In the latest edition, the tech maker initiated the disaster topic to know how to help users residing in disaster-prone areas. The manufacturer has opened a survey about disaster preparedness and response in India, and will soon avail it in other regions.

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Eventually, the company is calling its users to fill out the survey and answer a few simple questions. Further, it also asks what kind of feature could prove helpful under disastrous conditions.

“The team is interested in understanding the challenges and expriences of people in disaster-prone areas, especially regarding communication and access to information during and after a disaster event.”

OnePlus OxygenOS 13.1 disaster alert feature

Meanwhile, the survey form asks some relevant questions. For instance – Will it be thoughtful to receive emergency warnings about the disaster through phones even when there is no mobile connectivity?

The tech giant also raises the one-time additional expense tug for devices to access this service. After filling in the details, users said that this is a nice initiative, but it would be better if the service is free of cost or low priced.

Is it a Satellite Feature?

Since the question relates to connection, there are chances to see a satellite-oriented feature. Something similar to the one we have seen in Apple devices and software. While such features mostly reside in the hardware, we expect that OnePlus will bring a disaster alert and response feature with OxygenOS 13.1.

Google has implemented an ‘Earthquake Alerts’ feature on many Android devices. Thus, we anticipate seeing some likewise add-ons with the upcoming OxygenOS version as well. It’s worth mentioning that the tech maker didn’t utter any confirmation line on this matter. Yet, we can assume such a feature in the coming days.

Till then, you can fill out the survey and your opinion HERE.


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