OnePlus Nord 2 users raise positive feedback on OxygenOS 13 beta update

OnePlus Nord 2 OxygenOS 13 beta update

OnePlus Nord 2 users have started collecting the OxygenOS 13 beta update. After exploring every segment of the new firmware, the corresponding device owners have raised positive feedback regarding the latest OxygenOS software version.

Since the OnePlus Nord 2 OxygenOS 13 update is under the beta phase for the moment. Hence, it is quite obvious to find some or other defects and issues in the device. Despite risky bugs, users said that the newly arrived iteration is quite good and makes the device more efficient.

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Accordingly, several OnePlus Nord 2 phone holders appeared in the community forum and shared their experiences on what new changes they discovered in the latest update. From the user interface to battery performance, users penned down every notable change.

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To begin with, a user said that the update seems 95% stable for the moment. Although there are still some bugs and a couple of minor flaws present in the device system. Yet, those issues didn’t hinder the performance much.

In addition, the user listed a few points that are working in favor. For instance, the camera functioning is better than earlier, and improvement in the refresh rate of the screen. Also this time, the battery of the device lasts longer.

OnePlus Nord 2 OxygenOS 13 beta update

On the other hand, another user shared his initial impression. Eventually, the consumer said that at the starting point, the update was showing jitter and the transition between apps and opening and closing was not that smooth.

But thereafter, all jitters vanished and OxygenOS 13 started working efficiently. Apart from these tweaks, Nord 2 users experienced some more perks in the OOS 13 beta update.

You can check the positive points below.
  •  Adds super power saver mode
  • Wallpaper picking colors and the app size are adjustable
  • Battery life is better than OOS12
  • The camera seems to be working better than it was before, not a huge jump but works well
  • So many beta users noticed an improvement in screen refresh rate, 90Hz feels way better.
  • Overall battery lasts longer. However, it’s been a few hours since we got our hands on this beta.
  • Addition of new AOD, and weather interface

So OnePlus Nord 2 users! What is your experience with the OxygenOS 13 beta firmware? Share your experience in the comment section.

OnePlus Nord 2 OxygenOS 13 beta update

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