OnePlus OxygenOS 13 FAQ: Check every frequently asked questions (with answers) about features/upgrades!

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 FAQ

OnePlus has designed the brand identity for OxygenOS 13 to be a seamless mobile experience that can be integrated with any device. The delicate yet flexible features of the interface help users to express their personality freely, but also provide tools to make daily life more comfortable and secure.


OnePlus also admitted that the OxygenOS 12 release didn’t go as planned. Speaking about the features, the developer preview and beta updates highlight many amazing and exciting features. There is no doubt that the stable Android 13 will bring many new features, some will be different and some will be upgraded. You can check out the key features of the OnePlus Android 13 (OxygenOS 13) here…

However, OxygenOS 12.1 takes the user’s lifestyle to a whole new level due to its wide range of possibilities. Recently, OnePlus has announced an Open Year Forum (OEF – OnePlus OxygenOS 13 FAQ) to discuss its plans to develop its OxygenOS 13 (Android 13) software.

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 FAQ

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 FAQ

Q1: What is the future direction of OxygenOS 13 as OxygenOS and ColorOS are now merged?

Ans: OxygenOS 13 will not change the core product philosophy that OxygenOS has always adhered to, such as fast and smooth, no-load experience, ease of use, and reliability. With more new technologies, OnePlus believe we can provide a more powerful and more stable operating system.

The brand believes that our culture of products created together with users will not disappear. And this will enable us to build functionally and visually superior products. If you’re interested in this, you can check out this post from Pete to learn more here.

Q2: What is the connection between OxygenOS and ColorOS?

Ans: In the background of integration, OxygenOS and ColorOS are two products with strength. When facing strong competitors in the global market. The only way to truly leverage the strengths of Oppo and OnePlus and offer better products to our customers is to combine the strengths of both. OnePlus OS teams are fully integrated and ready to collaborate and learn from each other’s experiences.

Q3: What about Android 12 for OnePlus 8T, 8 Pro, Nord, Nord 2, and other devices?

Ans: Recently several OBTs have been released in the community for some models like the OnePlus 9R, 8 Series, and 8T. OxygenOS 12’s OBT for other devices will launch soon. We will also keep you updated in the community and other official channels. Stay tuned!

Q4: Some users are not very satisfied with OxygenOS 12. What can OnePlus do for a better rollout of OxygenOS 13?

Ans: Users’ feedback is the most important thing that is valued. And they will take users’ advice to improve 0xygenOS 13. Also, one goal of the Unified Software team is to accelerate all updates while improving the quality of software rendering for both OxygenOS and ColorOS.

Q5: Does OnePlus take feedback seriously?

Ans: Yes, users especially love constructive advice from our users. They appreciate nothing more than the genuine voice that comes from you guys. There was a lot of internal discussion before and after each OEF to make sure they could deliver.


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