OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Redesigned Smart Widgets

OxygenOS 13 Widgets

OnePlus takes a more practical approach to organizing widgets. And, OxygenOS 13 presents widgets in a very simple way – a vertically scrolling list alphabetically. It divides your widgets into categories to make them easier to navigate. Simply click on the drop-down menu to find what you need in each category. This makes it a little easier, but it does require a lot of tapping.


OxygenOS 13 Redesigned Smart Widgets

Additionally, OnePlus also brings a new and improved battery widget to the Android 13 smartphone. Not only that but OxygenOS 13 also comes with a brand new Smart Launcher that increases the size of the Home folder and its contents, so you can open apps from folders faster.

OxygenOS 13 Widgets

This smart launcher provides a faster and smoother experience. You can tap an app in a folder to open it without opening it. You can also quickly and easily add widgets for your favorite apps so that you can access their functionality directly from your home screen.

The launcher also has a new side toolbar that makes using the phone easier with one hand, gives you quick access to all your apps, and lets you choose which apps you want to see there.

OxygenOS 13 Widgets

FYI, the battery widget was introduced during the feature removal earlier this year. Know your device’s battery level and connected device’s battery. Knows the level of the connected Bluetooth device. If you are using TWS headphones, the level of each headphone will be displayed.

OnePlus Android 13 OxygenOS 13 brings a new battery widget. It can be resized to display different amounts of information. Widgets can display up to four items, including the phone. Zoom in to see fewer items.

OxygenOS 13 Widgets

After the update is delayed, the widget can be minimized to show only one item. Only the battery level of the device is displayed as a 2×1 square. This is useful if you want to group widgets in your settings.

However, the meaning of the widgets is somewhat worthful. View details about your phone and connected devices. You can use it to see information about your battery specifications at a glance.

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