OnePlus OxygenOS 13 vs Apple iOS 16: Home Screen

OxygenOS 13 Sidebar Toolbox

Every smartphone user from any brand loves to have an organized and clean Home Screen. Similarly, in this article, we’ll discuss the Home Screen of two different OS and they are OnePlus OxygenOS 13 and Apple iOS 16.


Like every year, all smartphone brings major changes and features to their operating system with the latest customization option. And OnePlue and Apple have also released this year’s OS upgrade. Below you can check the complete explanation of OxygenOS 13 and iOS 16’s Home Screen.

OxygenOS 13 vs  iOS 16: Home Screen

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Home Screen

OxygenOS 13 Smart Launcher

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 allows you to customize and style your Home Screen by changing the screen layout or by adding widgets, folders, and other additional Home screens. It will make your device more organized and easier to navigate.

This time, OnePlus has come up with a new Smart Launcher that will help you adjust the size of the Home folder and its contents, so you can open apps from folders faster. You can tap an app in a folder to open it without opening it.

Apple iOS 16 Home Screen

OxygenOS 13 iOS 16 Home Screen

With the iOS 16 update, Apple has changed the way to organize your Home Screen. Now your iPhone’s home apps are well managed and designed to make it easy to navigate, view, and control all your accessories to perform better and more efficiently.

You will notice that your entire home screen at a glance with the redesigned Home tab. All your favorite spaces and accessories are integrated into the main app tab, giving you easy access to accessories. Moreover, users can check the status of their home and quickly access their favorite stuff from the lock screen with the new widget on the iPhone lock screen.

Going closer, from onward all camera views are displayed in the front and middle on the Home tab, and you can scroll through your home to see additional camera views. And the side tiles have been redesigned to make it easier to differentiate different items based on size and color.

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