OnePlus OxygenOS Google Safety Center

OnePlus OxygenOS may support Google Safety Center in future

OnePlus fans often demand an advanced feature that can show up accurate details of the device’s security status. Eventually, it looks like OnePlus is finally planning to bring such a thing with the next OxygenOS versions in the form of Google Safety Center.

No doubt, the Chinese OEM has always implemented dynamic features in its software. From incredible gaming tweaks to eye-catching customizations, the tech maker keeps building new changes that can boost the user experience and provide the utmost efficiency to its consumers.

Even though, OnePlus pace behind when it comes to privacy and security matters. It’s not about data leaks and system exploits but the details of the device security that every user should be aware of. No worries, as the wonderful Google Safety Center is expected to make its way to OnePlus OxygenOS builds in the near future.

Recently @Some_Random_Username has decompiled the latest OxygenOS firmware for OnePlus 10 Pro. Here, he has noticed that the Settings APK has been bumped to version 13.0.5_f17cab3_230418 and contains the strings of a new Safety Center.

In addition, the observer said that earlier he had noticed a Quick Setting named “Security and Privacy”. It is not sure whether the tweak was available to the main users. Though one can see it by login into another user account and choosing to edit the quick settings to add it.

Next, if you can run the command adb shell cmd device_config put privacy safety_center_is_enabled true before tapping on it for the first time, it will open the Safety Center Activity. Otherwise, nothing will happen and the Quick Settings will disappear after you have closed the panel.

To add more confirmation on the entire scenario of Google Safety Center availability in future OnePlus OxygenOS builds, the user shared a screenshot.

OnePlus OxygenOS Google Safety Center

Google Safety Center

Google has introduced the Safety Center with the Pixel 7. As the name says, it enables users to have an overview of the security status of their devices as well as of their Google accounts.

Also, it brings unified ‘Security and Privacy’ page indicators related to software updates being available, the presence of harmful apps, the lock set for the device, and other shortcut settings, such as privacy dashboards and controls.

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Older Pixel devices already gained this functionality. Although non-Pixel models are still on the waiting list. But it seems like we will soon have this beneficial change to OnePlus smartphones, and who knows, it could appear with OxygenOS 14 on board.

OnePlus OxygenOS Google Safety Center


OnePlus OxygenOS may support Google Safety Center in future

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