OxygenOS 13 update should hold new features, security patches aren’t enough: Users

OxygenOS 13 update features

OnePlus is bustling with the upcoming Cloud 11 global launch event these days. As a result of which, the update distribution seems to be at a halt. But it looks like that this is not the major concern for the users. Instead, OnePlus fans want some new changes and features with the next OxygenOS 13 update.

Recently, a user entered the community forum and suggested a few points for the OnePlus developers. To be specific, these keywords were mainly for the fresh builds that the company rolls out for its devices. The user said that there should be some new additions in these iterations.

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Adding more, the OnePlus 9 phone owner said that the next OxygenOS 13 update version should hold some additional features. The so-called security patches and improvements are just not enough. We as a user, expect to see something new with every upcoming build. However, the company completes the task by only attaching a patch or a few fixes.

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In general, the user said that there is nothing unique and practical in the updates rolling out to the devices. Although, a feature or a new element is something that makes the user satisfied. Hence, the Chinese tech maker should think that way and bring a few fresh features to its updates.

OxygenOS 13 update features

It seems like the expectations are high with the OxygenOS 13 builds. This is so because users are seeing the same update theory for the past two years, which frustrates the consumers. Besides, the user points out that every update reads only 2 headlines:

  • Security Patch
  • Fixed some of the issues
  • Stability and performance improved
Waiting for OxygenOS 13.1

Following the queue, many users said that now they are waiting for OxygenOS 13.1 to grab new features and effective improvements for their devices. Let’s see how OnePlus will try to meet the expectations of its users with the next OxygenOS builds.

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