OxygenOS should bring iOS-like lock screen features and widgets

OnePlus OxygenOS 13

Like OnePlus, every other smartphone brand trying to make its presence in terms of major OS upgradation and Apple is not far behind. We know that both of them are different from each other from hardware to software.

Currently, Oneplus with its OxygenOS 13 and Apple with iOS 16 are performing beta testing with their eligible devices. However, these two different creators have already showcased everything about their arrival.


Among the most significant changes, the company showcased a brand new lock screen, which is now highly customizable using widgets, something similar to Google’s Material You theme. The iOS 16 Reimagined Lock Screen offers you a great wallpaper on the screen along with offering a variety of widgets that are quite futuristic in terms of usability.

Let’s understand what OxygenOS should bring iOS-like lock screen features and widgets!

iOS 16 Lock Screen Time

iOS 16 Reimagined Lock Screen


Belatedly, Apple makes it possible to make our iPhone own with a whole new way to personalize your lock screen widgets. From now iOS 16 will display a collection of widgets, your favorite photos, customize font styles, and see information at a glance.

Create multiple Lock Screens

This is something creative – This iOS 16 feature will allow you to create multiple Lock Screen with their own background and style, and easily switch between them. This feature might not be that useful but from now on you can add a few different designs in one place instantly.


Notification alert one smartphone is very familiar in every smartphone, but with iOS 16 your Lock Screen Widget lets you quickly view data from your favorite apps like weather, calendar events, date, time zone, alerts, battery level, activity alarm progress, and more.

Live Activities

Users need to make more possibilities for getting things and the same happened with Apple. From now you iOS 16 will show notifications in expanded list view, stack view, or hidden view on the lock screen. And these notifications also appear at the bottom of the screen, so they’re not intrusive.

OxygenOS should bring iOS-like lock screen features and widgets

Above we have explored what actually Apple is offering to its users but with this iOS 16 lock screen concept, OnePlus should learn any idea and should bring iOS-like lock screen features and widgets.

Although OxygenOS 13 offers a great number of features, but like adopting features from stocks Android 13 OnePlus can also learn such things to make use for its users.

OnePlus OxygenOS 13