OxygenOS should bring iOS-like privacy and security features

Privacy & Security! When we go to buy any smartphone these two are major key factors as we know how privacy and security are important to us. And these two things we also want in our OnePlus OxygenOS smartphone. Specifically, we are seeing Apple iOS has something extra in this section, and we’re expecting OxygenOS should bring iOS-like privacy and security features.


At the moment OnePlus has released the Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 that brings more new security and privacy settings feature giving consumers more ways to build privacy-focused apps. So, let’s see in detail what kind of privacy and security is there in Apple iOS.

OxygenOS 13 Privacy Options

OxygenOS should bring iOS-like privacy and security features

Apple devices are known for their most promising privacy and security as it built up from the ground up. All Apple products and features include innovative privacy features and approachable designs to reduce the amount of data that we or others have access to.

Additionally, strong security features may prevent third parties other than you from accessing your information. And the company constantly working on new ways to keep your personal information secure.

Password and Data Monitoring

Your login details are very for any individual and if you are using the Safari app you will see your saved Keychain passwords were compromised in a data breach. And Apple regularly checks password results against public lists of weak passwords using secure and private cryptographic techniques.

If there is any type of fault found in your device, the smart iOS feature will notify you when Safari detects a potentially tampered password. As part of this process, your password information is never disclosed.

Moreover, all your apps on the App Store follow strict privacy guidelines and provide a summary of how the data is used. Also, the app has to take permission from the user before accessing things like photos, locations, etc.

End-To-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption is another essential part of the iPhone, it protects messages and all your conversations. Whether you are using any Apple product the messages are encrypted on the device and cannot be accessed without a password.

Background Tracking Notifications

While receiving any notifications from any apps, it uses your space in the background so you can decide whether to renew permissions. The Apple iOS background tracking notifications show where apps have used location in the background.

If any user allows an app to always use the location and the app accesses the location in the background, the device will periodically display a notification to the user. This notification notifies the user that their background location is being shared. But, Apple keeps privacy first so the apps must comply with App Store guidelines in order to use this data.

OxygenOS iOS-like Privacy


As Apple is committed to protecting you by using its advanced privacy and security features to protect your personal data OnePlus OxygenOS also brings iOS-like privacy and security features.

  • If possible, process data on the device.
  • Reduce the amount of data you shared with others and share with third parties.
  • Provides transparency and control over shared data.
  • Protect your identity when sharing confidential information with any third parties.
  • Implementing best security practices to protect user data.