OxygenOS should bring iOS-like voice assistant, Siri

OnePlus 9 Pro OxygenOS 13 F.19 update

Voice assistant is a smart way to use your smartphone by just giving simple commands. But if we talk about the OnePlus phone, then Google’s voice assistant has been used in it. Like any other virtual assistant, Google Assistant interacts with your Android phone to perform a variety of tasks, such as setting an alarm or playing music.


OxygenOS should bring an iOS-like voice assistant, Siri

But it’s great to have its own built-in voice assistants like the Pixel phones have Google’s voice assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, and Apple’s Siri. And OnePlus OxygenOS should bring iOS-like voice assistant Siri.

Talking about Apple’s virtual voice assistant Siri is one of the most popular smart assistants in the world. With App Intent and SiriKit, your app can help users get things done using Siri, Spotlight, and Shortcuts.

OxygenOS iOS-like Voice Assistant


Siri is Apple’s smart assistant on all platforms and this uses machine learning to distinguish user suggestions, answer questions, control devices, and more. Apple users can be configured to speak multiple languages ​​with multiple voices, everything is awesome.

Moreover, Apple’s smart assistant has been launched almost a decade ago and has come a long way in that time. Siri can sound natural, answer questions aloud, remember past conversations, and take control of many aspects of your life while maintaining your privacy and security.

Let users perform app tasks by speaking or tapping. With no user configuration required, app shortcuts work as soon as the app is installed on iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS, and shortcuts. And this can be launched from any app, Spotlight, and Siri.

Furthermore, Apple has added a Shortcuts app that lets you create custom shortcuts from your favorite apps with multiple steps. This feature makes it easier than ever to reveal actions that can be combined with other app functions to pass information between apps.

Users can easily activate Apple’s smart assistant on all their Apple devices with a tap, press, or wake-up call. The universal wake-up word “Hey Siri” lets you issue commands and queries from almost any Apple device.

As you speak, commands are processed locally to determine if they can be executed on the device. Otherwise, it will be sent to Apple servers with a random ID. All audio data is encrypted end-to-end, so everything is synced and saved from trying to eavesdrop on Apple or anyone else.


Siri’s intelligence uses machine learning for various tasks. Find and suggest calendar events in Mail and Messages, suggest web pages in Safari from iMessage links, and make smart text suggestions based on recently visited websites and news articles.

Well, it is about Siri, the Apple iOS voice assistant, but we are hoping that the OnePlus OxygenOS will bring such a feature and an enhanced version. If this expectation comes true then the Chinese smartphone maker will be really appreciated by its users.