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Android 11 based Realme UI 2.0 rolling out for Realme X50 Pro 5G and X50 Pro Player Edition in China

Realme X50 Pro

Earlier this month, Realme has started releasing the Android 11 based Realme UI 2.0 for the Indian variants of Realme X50 Pro 5G. Realme is now rolling out this major firmware upgrade to Realme X50 Pro 5G and X50 Pro Player Edition devices in China.

The latest software update comes with the same build version C.18 for Realme X50 Pro 5G and X50 Pro Player Edition. Realme UI 2.0 built on the eleventh major version of Android OS.

It brings many new features mainly personalized customization, new dynamic notification ringtones, Breeno screen recognition, added game features, as well as improvements for the camera, system, and device accessibility.

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What’s new with Realme UI 2.0:

  • [Personalized customization]
    • The interface is freely customized, from choosing beauty to creating beauty
    • Newly created wallpaper, you can extract the color of the photo/picture to generate your own wallpaper
    • Added desktop icons to support tripartite icon packs
    • Added dark mode settings, free to choose from three dark styles of enhanced, moderate, and soft, and supports dimming wallpapers, icons and automatic contrast adjustment
  • [Multi-terminal interconnection]
    • Multi-terminal mutual integration and coordination, multi-device interconnection is not limited
    • New mobile phone interconnection
    • Screen sharing, support remote users to share screens, both parties can watch and chat simultaneously, bringing closer distance
  • 【Efficient】
    • Add floating window/split screen file drag and drop, support text, picture, file drag and drop sharing
    • Added a quick entry for Breeno screen recognition in the smart sidebar
    • Optimized the interaction of the smart sidebar, pagination editing is clearer, free sorting is more practical
  • 【System】
    • Added dynamic notification ringtones, when continuous notifications are received, the notification sounds will form a complete melody, and dense notifications should be elegant and free
    • Added the function of setting the time period of no disturbance
    • Optimize the note interface, and provide new visual styles on the list and edit page
    • Optimize the live weather animation to make the status more realistic and vivid
    • Optimize the vibration effect, enrich the multi-scene touch experience such as input method and game vibration
    • Optimize automatic brightness adjustment to provide a more comfortable backlight experience
  • [Desktop】
    • New folder dissolution and merging function
    • Added custom sorting of drawer mode, support sorting by letter, installation time, frequency of use, and quickly find the application you want
  • 【Security and Privacy】
    • Added system clone, specific fingerprint password to unlock specific system
    • Added the ability to turn on/off the application lock with one button in the control center
    • Add SOS for all scenes:
    • Early warning of natural disasters and earthquakes, and guides to avoid dangers when warning
    • Embassy consular protection number service, you can quickly dial the protection hotline in emergency
    • First aid information, quickly display personal medical information in emergency situations, and support lock screen display to rescuers
    • New password book cloud synchronization, account and password support multi-terminal real-time synchronization
    • Optimized authority management, sensitive authority supports “only this time” authorization, avoids over-authorization and protects personal privacy
  • 【Breeno】
    • Added Breeno screen recognition, smart trigger, one-key direct access
    • Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong product pages, intelligently recommend coupons, compare prices, and view historical prices;
    • Short video playback pages such as Douyin and Kuaishou, intelligently listen to songs and recognize music, and instantly recognize video background music;
    • WeChat public account, Tencent news article page, intelligently read articles aloud, free your hands, and listen to whatever you want
    • Optimize travel suggestions, smart travel companion plans your itinerary list
    • Optimize sleep suggestions, provide you with more intimate sleep suggestions in sleep mode
    • Added Breeno fast exercise instructions to quickly turn on the running or walking mode in the health application
  • 【Game】
    • Added full immersion mode, closed-door gaming experience, no interference immersion game
    • Add new game super-play report, generate battle data in time, and help the game replay (only support some games)
    • Optimize the way to call out the game assistant, which is easier to use and convenient
  • [Communication】
    • Add personal hotspot QR code sharing
  • 【Album】
    • Newly added private safe cloud synchronization, supporting the synchronization of album data in the private safe to the cloud
    • Optimize the photo album editing function, optimize the image enhancement algorithm, add more brushes and style filters
  • 【Cloud service】
    • Newly added cloud backup of the whole machine, supporting comprehensive data backup of mobile phone photo albums, documents, system settings, WeChat, etc., and easy replacement with one key
    • Newly added backup custom selection, support selecting the required data type for backup or restoration
  • 【Camera】
    • Add shooting sharing and editing, quickly share and edit the photos or videos taken
    • Added inertial zoom function, the zoom in the video can be switched at a constant speed, and the video zoom is smoother
    • Added a dirty lens reminder
    • Add video level, grid line, auxiliary video composition
  • [Realme laboratory]
    • Added sleep capsule function to lock the phone regularly to save your sleep
  • 【Accessibility】
    • Added two-finger swipe up to call out barrier-free shortcuts
    • Added a sound enhancer to enhance the weak sound in the environment and improve the audio effect
    • Add voice subtitles, recognize the internal and external sounds of the mobile phone and display them in text form

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