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Quick Question: Is your smartphone battery draining too fast after Realme UI and Android 10 update

Realme has already started rolling out the Realme UI and Android 10 updates to its smartphone users. It comes with many new features and improvements, but it also causes a major issue to some Realme smartphone users, battery drain.

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Some of them have reached to official Realme community with this issue, while some went to Realme support on Twitter. All of them reporting the same problem. They have experienced a sudden fall in battery performance just after the Android 10 update.

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Now we want to ask a quick question, are you facing the battery drain issue on your Realme smartphone after the Realme UI and Android 10 update? You can let us know in the comments below, then we will reach to Realme for the solution of this battery drain issue on Realme UI.

Also, you can try a few simple steps on your device to increase battery life. You can use the Battery Saver mode. You can turn it on at any time from the notification pane, and when you do the phone makes a bunch of battery-saving changes.

Additionally, you can change your always-on display settings. The AOD drains more power than the display is completely off, and if you don’t find it all that useful you can disable it to save a battery.

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