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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE receiving May 2024 security update 

Key Points 

  • Samsung released a May 2024 update for Galaxy S21 FE.
  • The patch is live for the Galaxy S21 FE Snapdragon Variant.
  • Installation of the update will optimize the device’s overall functioning.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE users are in for a treat, as the device receives a May 2024 security update. The patch works to enhance security features and overall device performance. Simultaneously, it also provides a secure and up-to-date experience for its users.

Input reveals that, Samsung has served May 2024 enhancements to the Snapdragon variant of Galaxy S21 FE in Germany. However, the other market users and Exynos models will also acquire the patch soon. Users can check the software version below.

  • Galaxy S21 FE – G990B2XXU7GXE1

The May 2024 security update brings crucial security patches to the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. It addresses potential vulnerabilities and ensures that the device remains protected against emerging threats and harmful assaults.

Hence, users can expect smoother operation, improved stability, and hassle-free interpretation of their device. By installing the latest security patch, users can also have peace of mind knowing that their data and privacy are safeguarded.


However, the update is rolling out gradually and users can check for it manually by navigating to Settings > Software Update on their device. It is recommended to download and install the update over a secure Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth and successful update process.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE receiving May 2024 security update 

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