Samsung June 2021 Software Update: New update available for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy A50/A72, and Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung is rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy smartphones including the Galaxy S21, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A72, and Galaxy S20 FE in different regions of the world. Let’s talk about them individually.


Samsung Galaxy S21:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 getting June 2021 update in India with Camera improvements
    • Samsung started sending a new firmware update to the Galaxy S21 series devices in India. It comes with the latest June 2021 security patch in order to enhance the system security.  However, the changelog of this update shows improvements in the camera performance (via Sammy Fans).
    • In terms of identification, the Galaxy S21 series firmware update carries build versions: G998BXXU3AUF6, G996BXXU3AUF6, and G991BXXU3AUF6 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21.
  • Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S21 gets June 2021 security update in the US
    • The US network carrier, Verizon has also started sending the June 2021 security patch to the Galaxy S21 series. According to the Verizon support page, the Galaxy S21 s/w update brings system security improvements by installing the latest Android & One UI patches released in June 2021, at the same time, it also comes with additional enhancements from the carrier.
    • If you own a Galaxy S21 series device, you can identify this release via version numbers: G991USQU4AUF5, G996USQU4AUF5, and G998USQU4AUF5 for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra respectively (via Sammy Fans).

Samsung Galaxy A50:

  • Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy A50 getting the June 2021 Android security patch
    • In the latest development, the Verizon bounded Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone started getting the new Android and One UI patches released in June 2021.
    • Aside from this, the new Galaxy A50 update enhances the Quick Share function for easier file sharing across Galaxy devices. Besides, it also improves all the system functions and fixes some unknown bugs in order to deliver a better overall user experience (via Sammy Fans)
    • You can identify this update through firmware version A505USQUCDUE4.

Samsung Galaxy A72:

  • Samsung Galaxy A72 getting the June 2021 security update
    • Samsung has started to release a fresh software update to its most premium mid-range smartphone, commonly known as Galaxy A72 in select markets such as Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine (via Sammy Fans).
    • Identified via version number: A725FXXU2AUF3, the update installs June 2021 security patch.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is getting the June 2021 update in India
    • Samsung started to release a new software update for the Galaxy S20 FE (LTE) devices in India. According to the update log, the new Galaxy S20 FE update installs the latest June 2021 security patch for better device security. Moreover, it improves the Quick Share for easier file sharing across Galaxy devices (via Sammy Fans).
    • The new firmware update carries build number – G780FXXU4CUF1 and focuses on system security improvements. 

You can check for the updates manually by opening your device’s Settings, finding and selecting the Software updates menu, waiting until the phone detects a new OTA update, and finally tapping on Download and install.

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