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Samsung released April 2021 One UI security patch details

by Sheetal

Before the beginning of April, Samsung has started rolling security patches for April 2021 for many Galaxy smartphones. Now, the company has released a security bulletin for the April 2021 security update, which details the changes and bug fixes.

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As per the official information, Samsung’s patch released in April 2021 can protect Galaxy phones and tablets from 6 critical and 37 high-powered CVEs. In this month’s patch, no moderate threats were found, and the company fixed 1 CVE in the March patch, and 1 CVE does not apply to Samsung Galaxy devices.

In early February 2021, the South Korean technology giant officially announced that it would provide the latest security patch for Galaxy devices to be launched for at least four years from 2019 onwards. Therefore, the company has also released a list of eligible devices, which will receive monthly/quarterly/other security updates.



CVE-2020-11204, CVE-2020-11228, CVE-2020-11218, CVE-2020-11192, CVE-2020-11227, CVE-2021-0430


CVE-2020-11178, CVE-2020-11165, CVE-2020-11195, CVE-2020-11198, CVE-2020-11194, CVE-2020-11220, CVE-2020-11199, CVE-2020-11221, CVE-2020-11308, CVE-2020-11290, CVE-2020-11309, CVE-2020-11186, CVE-2020-11226, CVE-2020-11171, CVE-2020-11222, CVE-2020-11188, CVE-2020-11190, CVE-2020-11189, CVE-2020-11166, CVE-2021-0399, CVE-2021-0400, CVE-2021-0426, CVE-2021-0427, CVE-2021-0432, CVE-2021-0438, CVE-2021-0439, CVE-2021-0442, CVE-2021-0443, CVE-2021-0444, CVE-2021-0338, CVE-2021-0437, CVE-2021-0436, CVE-2021-0471, CVE-2021-0429, CVE-2021-0433, CVE-2021-0431, CVE-2021-0435


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2020-11223

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2020-11299, CVE-2021-0446

In addition to the Google patch, Samsung Mobile also offers 21 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposure (SVE) projects to increase customer confidence in the security of Samsung’s devices.

The Samsung Security Index (SSI), which found in the April 2021 SMR “Security Software Edition”, includes all patches from Samsung and Google. If some SVE items have been included in previous maintenance releases, these SVE items may not be included in the package.

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