Tesla 2023.20.8 update

Tesla releases new 2023.20.8 update with parking assistance feature

Tesla has released a useful 2023.20.8 update that comes along with the all-new Parking Assistance feature. The latest update is available for the Model X and Model S vehicles and is rolling out gradually among users.

According to the details, Tesla is bringing the 2023.20.8 update with a few improvements to the system keyboard and enhancements for the tire service. You can check the details below:

1. Improved parking assist Feature

When the vehicle is in forward gear or reverse gear and driving slowly (for example, when parking), if an object is detected nearby, the parking assist view will be displayed on the vehicle dashboard, and the vehicle will beep when approaching the object. (Tap Touchscreen Controls > Safety > Park Assist Chime On)

2. Add new features for tire service

Touch Touchscreen Controls > Service to view the number of miles driven since your last tire service. After a tire rotation, swap, or replacement, tap “Reset” to reset the counter.

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3. Improve the pinyin keyboard

This version optimizes the extended dictionary display of the Pinyin keyboard. When you type an abbreviation or full content, the keyboard will display your most frequently used alternatives, and after you select an alternative, the candidate window will display related suggestions based on your selection.

Tesla 2023.20.8 update


Tesla releases new 2023.20.8 update with parking assistance feature

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