[UPDATED] OxygenOS 11 Bugs Tracker: Users are facing these bugs and issues after updating to Android 11 – Check solution inside


OnePlus is sending OxygenOS update to OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro along with various bug fixes. You can read the full story here. Below you can check the fixed bugs:

  • Fixed the small probability issue that expanded screenshot may stop working
  • Fixed the issue that cache is not deleted after uninstalling apps
  • Fixed the issue that the screen may flash when using fingerprint unlock
  • Fixed the issue that Horizon light is not activated normally
  • Fixed the small probability issue that NFC can not be turned on
  • Fixed the small probability issue that Parallel Apps can not be turned on
  • Fixed the small probability issue that the fan of the Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charger may not work
  • Fixed the issue that Play Store could not install the app
  • Fixed the small probability issue that network interruption issue in some apps


OnePlus 8T is receiving the OxygenOS update with several fixes. You can read the complete story here. Check below:

Fixed the issue that the status bar kept hovering on the screen in landscape mode

Fixed the issue that Play Store could not install the app

Fixed the small probability issue with network interruption while playing games

In the official forum, the stuff member confirmed that the fix for the WhatsApp compatibility issue is in development. In addition, some OnePlus 8 users are reporting shaking issue with OxygenOS 11. Don’t worry, the fix is in mid-way.





Some OnePlus device owners are facing problems using the Gallery app. The OxygenOS 11 and OxygenOS 10 users are facing this issue. The OnePlus 8 series users are also facing heavy battery draining with the OxygenOS 11.

The OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T users are facing problem with the Snapchat app, it seems like a compatibility issue with Android 11. In addition, some OnePlus 8T users facing issues with the fingerprint reader, lockscreen, and account.



OnePlus users are reporting that they cannot fully see secondary apps while trying to choose secondary apps to use in split-screen. It happens when trying to use split-screen by directly assigning the split-screen shortcut to navigation buttons.

Here’s the official response:

We have made a note of this and our developer team is currently working on this. We will keep you posted regarding the further updates. We appreciate your support and patience in this regard.


UPDATE 1: You can check the solution here – Check.


Original Article:

OnePlus has released the stable Android 11-based OxygenOS 11 update for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The update is currently rolling out via OTA but the company has also provided the ROM for you. Meanwhile, users are reporting some bugs and issues with the OxygenOS 11 update.

Some users are sharing their concerns and demanding fixes regarding these bugs on the official OnePlus Forums. These are some known bugs reported this month:

  • Battery consumption:

After upgrading to the OxygenOS 11, a very high battery drain is noticed by a user. He says ” the last night my OP 8 passed from 90% to 80% without using it. Usually, it consumes only 3 or 4%”.

  • Audio does not play in Bluetooth earphones:

After upgrading to the OxygenOS 11, users are not able to play audio. They are saying, sometimes it plays sound for a second and then reverts to just silence. Even re-pairing, clearing Bluetooth cache, and restarting the phone didn’t make the phone to play audio.

Trying multiple headsets and earphones including OnePlus bullets Z Wireless, and OnePlus Buds Z doesn’t fix the problem.

  • OnePlus Gallery app is not updating:

Users are not able to update the OnePlus Gallery app after upgrading to the OxygenOS 11. After the successful 100% downloading of the app, it declined to install the app.

Affected users have tried clearing cache and data but they were not able to install the Gallery app. Additionally, there are a few other apps with similar issues.

  • Games lagging/freezing/heating problem:

An OnePlus 8 Pro user reported PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile gaming applications are taking more than regular time to load after the OxygenOS 11 update. Both games show consistent lag or freezing during gameplay. Another report says GTA San Andreas is also lagging while playing the match.

Some users also reported heating problems while playing games after the upgrade.

  • Can’t wake up the phone:

As reported by the user, the phone doesn’t respond to a double-tap to wake-up the phone, even the power button doesn’t work well. It takes several tries and some more seconds to wake it up.

  • Camera and Flashlight aren’t working:

Some users reported a problem with the camera and flashlights. After upgrading to the OxygenOS 11, their flashlight and camera are not working. There’s a temporary solution, just clear the data of the camera app.

  • System UI is not responding:

The phone is not responding on Homescreen or App drawer and shows the “System UI is not responding” message. Several freezes take place until the phone starts responding again.

More bugs including Cloud Storage, Message App Crash, and Incoming Phone Calls are also reported by OnePlus users. Some problems have been solved by clearing caches but some are not.

OnePlus will soon fix these bugs and issues by providing software updates in the coming days. Are you facing any issue with the OxygenOS 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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