Samsung Galaxy A53 June 2023 update

Unlocked Galaxy A53 5G receives June 2024 update in the US

Key Points 

  • June 2024 update reaches Unlocked Galaxy A53 5G.
  • The patch is already live for other carrier users in the US.
  • The firmware brings improvements and fixes to optimize the experience.

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy A53 5G units have started collecting the June 2024 security update in the US. This new patch is a gateway to acquire improvements and fixes that aim to elevate the overall user experience.

As per the details, the June 2024 update for the unlocked Galaxy A53 5G smartphone has arrived with One UI build version A536U1UES9EXF2 in the US.

The June 2024 update will improve device performance, enhance security, and work on the stability of your Galaxy A53 5G smartphone. It also addresses common bugs and glitches, offering users smooth and hassle-free functioning.

The patch further mends a total of 59 vulnerability exposures including 37 CVEs from Android and 22 SVEs related to the bootloader, battery stats service, grid image display, Samsung dialer app, smart manager, and more from One UI.


Users eager to get their hands on the latest update can go with the manual installation process. For this, visit the settings menu and tap on the Software Update. Now, let the system check for the latest version and initiate the download process with just a few taps.

Before moving toward the download process, make sure your device remains charged and has sufficient storage. Also, keep a backup of all your important data and use a stable Wi-Fi connection for uninterrupted installation.

Samsung Galaxy A53 June 2023 update

Unlocked Galaxy A53 5G receives June 2024 update in the US

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