Wear OS-based Google Wallet app will get more new features

Google announced a new update for Google Wallet at Google I/O 2022. The new update is clearing its way to Android and Wear OS devices in 39 countries. This new update will be replacing the surviving Google Pay app where relevant. But the update is creating several issues with the double-tap button shortcut on some watches.

Smartwatch users will notice the Google Pay icon has been replaced with Wallet’s nominal. However, it’s been stated that the new update is meant for enhancing the payment methods with credit and debit cards. However, Google said that the company will add more functionality and features to Google Wallet starting deceased this year, and expand Google Wallet support to more countries.

The phone app holds the power to hold traveling tickets, concert tickets, and vaccine records. Users will be able to click “Add to Wallet” which will provide them with different payment options from advantage cards to rewards cards.  There is also an option for a card that will help you to set up Gmail integration so that Google Wallet can add cards connected with your email, accordingly. It can be enhanced if it also extends its capacity to hold a Driver’s license, Digital car keys, and student identity.

Just like every update has its pros and cons, this update is becoming a hurdle to double-click a hardware button to access payments on the same watches.


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