Xiaomi Mi Wallpaper latest update adds a new set of wallpapers

Xiaomi Mi Wallpaper Update

Xiaomi Mi wallpaper application catches a new update at the moment. The arrival of this update brings immense features as well as a set of new wallpapers for the users. Besides, it improves the application with better bug fixes and makes it more stable.


Mi Wallpaper is an official carousel app from Xiaomi. This application is only supportable on Xiaomi devices working on MIUI 10 or above. Consequently, this app offers dynamic pictures on your lock screen every time you turn ON your screen. Moreover, you can browse, watch videos, play lite games without even unlocking the device.

Latest Version

The Global update is appearing with the version V7-G-220308. Meanwhile, it carries a size of 29.9MB. You can install the application to your device either from the Google Play Store, Telegram, or APK file.

Download the latest Xiaomi Mi Wallpaper update


  1. Added tons of new wallpapers! (Swipe right on the Lock Screen to check them out)
  2. Now you can press the button on your Lock Screen to get more related information
  3. Fixed unknown bugs and issues
  4. Optimized some features and improved the overall experience.

Points to Remember:

  • Only supported for Xiaomi devices running MIUI 10 or newer
  • After installing, there will be no icon on the launcher. The app seamlessly integrates into the lock screen option in Settings
  • Make sure that you are on the default theme to use this feature.


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