Xiaomi MIUI+ May 2023 update

Xiaomi MIUI+ gets improved with May 2023 update

Xiaomi is rolling out a new update for the MIUI+ Beta, which installs the May 2023 update. MIUI+ is of the most underrated yet cool features offered by Xioami for its eligible devices. It’s a desktop mode that allows you to connect your phone to your PC and shares the screen with it, just like the One UI Dex.

This sophisticated feature is delivering great performance to the users, but now to improve the functioning and stability of the element. Xiaomi is rolling out a new May 2023 update for the MIUI+ Beta, which will add some refinements to the component, so that it could function more appropriately for the users.

The latest update for MIUI+ Beta can be identified via the build version 3.7.79 and it weighs around 14.9 megabytes. Therefore, the details of the update didn’t mention any new element. Thus, users of the feature may notice some common bug fixes and performance improvements after upgrading to the latest version.

Do you know what? The best part about this feature is that it is available on various Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices. If you also use this MIUI+ feature to share the screen, then download the update and experience more better performance of the element. You can install the latest version directly from the APK link given below.

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Moving on, this feature also allows users to use their phones for different activities at the same time. Just like, you can open up a YouTube app on the PC and watch a video all the while texting a friend. The apps you open up on the PC side do not occupy the phone side of things such as ChromeOS works with Android apps.

Furthermore, you can also forward the applications you are using to the PC without losing your process, copy texts in your device directly from the PC, and the screenshots you take on the phone also appear on the PC. On the PC front, apps open as mini windows and you can resize these windows as per your choice.

Xiaomi MIUI+ May 2023 update

Xiaomi MIUI+ gets improved with May 2023 update

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